Key features
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Business focus

Business focus

Business applications indicators: Definition with rules (AND / OR) on your IT infrastructure.

Business applications criticity level : Shinken Enterprise is able to prioritize alerts pertaining to the most important services.

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Multi-datacenter and multi-team management

Multi-datacenter and multi-team management

Multi-datacenter and multi-team unified view and management.

Easy DMZ and WAN integration.

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Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

Shinken Enterprise doesn’t have the Nagios flaws and runs all the resources of a monitoring server.

Unlimited load distribution by adding monitoring nodes. High availability (RAID type).

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Automated and distributed network configuration

Automated and distributed network configuration

Automated configuration with synchronization from several sources (e.g.: CMDB, VMware, Active Directory,IP address table, …).

Graphic interface for configuration view and exception management.

Automated creation of network (physical and virtual) topology.

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SLA calculation

Shinken Enterprise provides you the figures…

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User Interface : simply efficient
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Shinken Enterprise UI is thought with the user in mind. We mean IT administrator and IT director…

Multiple customizable dashboards

Multi-Datacenter Management
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Monitoring Plugins

  • Windows (agentless)
  • Linux (agentless)
  • Unix
  • Hardware (HP, IBM, Dell, …)
  • Network equipments
  • Databases (Oracle, SqlServer, MySQL, …)
  • Environment (temperature, dampness, …)

Distributed Architecture

  • Sharding-based load balancing
  • “RAID”-alike high availability
  • Crypted connections (HTTPS)
  • LAN->DMZ only connections
  • No central database (no SPOF)

Business Rules

  • Business rules key indicators (AND/OR/At least X)
  • Business impact priority
  • Time based business impact priority variation

Visualization Interface

  • Business apps view
  • Root problem view, sort by business priority
  • Drill-down view
  • Custom views (Oracle, Exchange, VMware, ….)
  • Advanced graphics, linked with recent IT changes (ITIL)

Configuration Management

  • Template-based configuration
  • Automatic host data read from several sources (Active Directory, vSphere VMware, IP range, …)
  • Graphic management interface


  • Network topology management
  • Automatic ESX/VM dependencies creation
  • Native vMotion support

Advanced Notifications

  • Various notification channels (emails, SMS, …)
  • Time-based notification channels (SMS only the night)
  • Time-based escalations


  • On the fly SLA computation
  • Hostgroup level or server level reporting
  • Add checks on your SLA levels

Improve your Quality of Service!

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